El Cid and Minaya Alvar Fáñez

The story of the reconquest is a classic case of history being written by the winning side and has become a highly romanticised version of early medieval Spanish history.  El Cid wasn’t the only Spanish hero of the ‘Reconquista’ as many other warriors were fighting for the ambitious northern Kingdoms as they moved south in search of new lands and acquisitions.  Another hero of the crusade against the Moorish invaders was the Castilian nobleman Alvar Fáñez de Minaya who fought for King Alfonso VI of Castile-Leon and has been popularised by his appearance in the ‘Cantar de Mio Cid’ in which he is described as a friend and cousin of El Cid.

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  4. Alicia de C. Monguió

    Minaya Alvar Fáñez, as he is called in the Song of the Cid, the Lord of Zorita (“el que a Zorita mandó”), seems to have been the nephew of Rodrigo Díaz, the Cid Campeador. There is no document that forbids him to have accompanied his uncle at the start of his exile, but by the time of the conquest of Toledo by King Alfonso VI, and thereafter, he was fighting for the king, and serving the king’s interests. Minaya is an interesting word, formed by the Spanish possessive, mi, and the Basque anaia, meaning brother; thus Minaya: my brother.Minaya is not a last name; it is used in the poem to convey the affection that the Cid had for Alvar (Alvaro) Fáñez, his right arm.


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