Getting Stoned and Getting Laid – The Grand Tour of Europe

Ryanair over the Alps

People have always travelled to other parts of the world to see great buildings and works of art, to learn new languages, to experience new cultures, to enjoy different food and drink and if lucky, to get laid…

…In 2008 I flew to Athens and in the departure lounge queue behind us was a couple of girls and one announced to the other that ‘I only go on holiday for three things, to get drunk, get stoned and get laid’, I had to see who this person was and when I turned round she turned out to be so unattractive that I was tempted to say ‘Don’t build your hopes up, if I were you I would concentrate on the first two!’ 

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6 responses to “Getting Stoned and Getting Laid – The Grand Tour of Europe

  1. Waow loved reading this article. I added your feed to my reader.


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