Portugal, Porto and a Napoleonic Battle


When we had been on the river we had seen a military procession on the Porto side of the river with a lot of men and women in Napoleonic military uniforms parading through the streets, demonstrating drill and letting off canons and now that the parade was over they were spilling over the river and into the cafés and bars in Vila Nova De Gaia.  We were surprised to discover that these were all English eccentrics who enjoy dressing up in nineteenth century uniforms, re-enacting Peninsular War battles, letting off guns and getting drunk.

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3 responses to “Portugal, Porto and a Napoleonic Battle

  1. intresting blog!
    what’s the best time in the year to travel to Portugal? I’m planning next month!


  2. There is no bad time to go to Portugal, I went in January and it was just as good as going in July. Next month is good, you are sure to have a really good time.


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