El Cid and La Tizona

El Cid and La Tizona

The other dropped the lance and the sword he took in hand;
when Ferrán González saw it, he recognized Tizona,
rather than wait for the blow he said, I am defeated!

Shortly before he died from his unlucky arrow wound El Cid allegedly saw a vision of St. Peter, who told him that he should gain a victory over the Saracens after his death.  So he was clothed in a coat of mail and was mounted upon his horse Babieca, fastened into the saddle and at midnight was borne out of the gate of Valencia accompanied by a thousand brave and valiant knights.

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9 responses to “El Cid and La Tizona

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  4. Hope not to disturb you, but I have a little correction to make.
    In the inscrition of the swaord sais literally 1040 but it means year 1002. And its not a sword he took from “some guy” but from the King Búcar.


  5. Hi I am researching this swords analysis for the wikipedia website. Can u tell me where u obtained this information, so that it can be correctly cited??
    Thank You


    • I can’t recall now where I researched the paragraph about the process but I am certain that it was from the internet. I remember a newspaper article about the issue of authenticity.


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