Travel Tips For Beating Budget Airlines At Their Own Game

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9 responses to “Travel Tips For Beating Budget Airlines At Their Own Game

  1. What you forgot to mention is that you can’t be either
    or have children


  2. Thanks for your comment. You make a good point but I didn’t say they were perfect and if I was taking my grand daughter I’d pay a bit extra and fly with someone else.


  3. “Yer pays yer money and takes yer chances”

    I work in aviation in Madrid and have to say that 90% of the complaints levelled at Ryanair are unjust. The complaints are normally based around consumer expectations rather than the product Ryanair sells. Would you go to Tescos and complain that the food on sale wasn’t the same quality as Harrods? Its the same situation. With Ryanair you get what you pay for and nowt more.

    In Spain the fares charged by the monopoly of Iberia / Air Nostrum and the poor condition of some of the roads means Ryanair have been a breath of fresh air. I blogged about my internal Spain travel experience this summer between Madrid and Alicante which highlights precisely the void Ryanair fills: Considering some of the longer trips such as Barcelona Sevilla and Madrid A Coruña can take up to 10 hours in a car or 300€ with Iberia the benefit of an hours POSSIBLE discomfort aboard a Ryanair plane wins hands down every time!


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  5. I really enjoyed reading the articles on this website.


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  9. I do agree with you. You get what you pay for. If you want someone to caress you through the security and hand out champagne, go on a flag carrier. Ryanair is like a bus and for a couple of hours, it does the job fine.


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