Island Hopping and Greek Ferries

Agios Georgios

I have been visiting the Greek islands on and off for twenty-five years and island hopping for the last four and I have noticed that things are beginning to alter, and not always for the better either.

There are new roads being constructed on the islands and EU funded improvements to ports, traditional mini-markets are becoming supermarkets and the ferries are beginning to change.  New roads are fine and improved port facilities are good, personally I prefer the dusty old shops with surprises in dark corners but I have to say that I am really disappointed by the ferry changes.

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One response to “Island Hopping and Greek Ferries

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for this nice article and I totaly agree with you.

    I enjoyed taking Romilda or Marina, remembering a night trip to Sanotirini just arriving from the airport and because the boat was 1 hour late, I could take it.

    Also a trip to Kalimnos with Marina.

    These good old feries had the greek spirit and greek families where in.

    Right there are still some ferries from Hellenic Seaways and I found a compromise with the Blue Star ones which are always better than high speed jets where you are in a plane cabine



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