Greece 2009 – Kimolos


It was just after midday when we arrived in Psathi, a sheltered little harbour where the most noticeable thing was that nothing at all seemed to be happening.  At the back of the beach there were a couple of bars in a dreamy setting under the shade of leafy trees and just a single road leading out of the port and up towards the Chora.  Kimolos it seemed was an unspoilt get away from it all sort of place and although I like the idea of peace and tranquillity I couldn’t help thinking that this might actually be getting away from too much.

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4 responses to “Greece 2009 – Kimolos

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  2. the blue paint is so evocative of Greece!


  3. Love the blue accents painted throughout.


  4. The contrast of the blue shades of sky buildings and water is scrumptious.


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