Greece 2009 – Milos to Folegandros

Milos Speedjet

It was an unsociably early start in the morning because the bus and the ferry times didn’t coordinate very well and we had to catch the ten past seven bus to Adamas which left us with nearly three hours to wait for the ten-twenty Seajet to Folegandros.  We would have preferred a regular ferry but unfortunately none were available.  It was a sunny morning but to our dismay cloud was beginning to accumulate again and assemble into a thickish ugly smudge over the high peaks and mountains behind us.

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4 responses to “Greece 2009 – Milos to Folegandros

  1. I like the last picture where the forefront group is unfocused and the group behind are clear.


  2. It sounds wonderful..I wonder if I will ever get there


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