Greece 2009 – Ios, Beaches and Baptisms

Valmas Beach Taverna

We walked to the top and admired the views of the port and on the way down stopped to talk to some fellow travellers.  As we exchanged stories I saw what I thought was a lizard but quickly realised that it was a snake.  Olive brown and about a metre long it slithered by and disappeared into a tiny crack in the steps.  Later I asked Antonia who was surprised to hear of a siting in the town and told me that a local naturist had reintroduced these serpents to the island and that they were poisonous.  I am all for preserving the natural environment but that is just plain daft!

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3 responses to “Greece 2009 – Ios, Beaches and Baptisms

  1. Great post. Your naked ladies reminds me of a policeman I used to date when we were young. He saw a white convertible coming towards him, blonde hair and sexy sunglasses and decided to go in for a second look. With a flimsy excuse ready, he decided to stop the car which was not speeding. When the driver turned to him, he was also disappointed—past due date would be a kind description (sort of). I was dating him at the time and was not amused.


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