Greece 2009 – Athens, from Elgin to pickpockets, a city of thieves

The Acropolis Museum and the Acroplois

‘Marvellous things happen to one in Greece – marvellous good things which can happen to one nowhere else on earth’  Henry Miller – The Colossus of Maroussi

But then, on the flip side…

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One response to “Greece 2009 – Athens, from Elgin to pickpockets, a city of thieves

  1. After my boyfriend’s whole bag got stolen last Thursday at the end of our trip, I thought I’d google “pick-pockets in Athens” and your story is quite similar to ours, in particularly with the camera part…His whole bag was stolen with passport, wallet, DSLR camera with 3 lenses, etc. …since it was also the end of our trip of touring the three islands (Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes), all our precious pictures are gone…as you said, they are irreplacable and priceless.
    The day after, on our way in the metro to take the bus to the airport, I also nearly got pickpocketed. Thank god my boyfriend stopped the woman who was slowly opening the zipper of my bag. Otherwise both of us would have been left with nothing.
    It just left us with such a distaste of the people. The entire trip we enjoyed the places but Greeks were really poor behaved with ill-mannered behaviour. In Athens when this happened, no one was helpful including the police. The police were totally appeared unconcerned and were extremely inefficient. At the end, the only “useful” thing they provided was the theft report that my boyfriend needed for getting a travel document at the German embassy. There was a German couple there who had a similar story to yours.
    We think the thieves worked in a pair to steal his bag. I was in line getting metro tickets and this woman behind me was abnormally close – I could hear her breathing. After all the queue irritations from Greeks in the whole trip, I was just like ” what is your problem?”. Then that distracted my boyfriend so he approached me to make sure I was fine. He was only 3 steps away from his bag and it was gone. Of course we blamed ourselves for leaving the bag unattended for a few seconds and there are so many “should have’s and could have’s…” It’s such a pity that all the beautiful pictures of our trip are gone…
    My last tirp to Athens 2 years ago I already found Greeks unhelpful with general tourist needs but this time was horrible. I will never go to Athens ever again.


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