Travels in Spain – Chinchón, Preparation for a Bullfight

Chinchón Bull Ring

The Plaza was only a hundred metres or so from the hotel and when we arrived there we were surprised to find it being prepared for a bullfight.  Now, I would like to see a bullfight but this trip wouldn’t have been the best time because Christine is an animal lover and almost certainly wouldn’t have approved.  From the signs in the shop windows we established that the event would be on Sunday afternoon and we would be gone by then so we were relieved that Christine wouldn’t be here to get distressed about it.

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One response to “Travels in Spain – Chinchón, Preparation for a Bullfight

  1. Finally!

    Someone who understands that the unique character of Chinchon is in its idyllic small Spanish village nature and not just the spectacular plaza. Living in Madrid we tend to visit Chinchon every two – three months just to have lunch and walk a bit. The relaxed pace of life mean that you can take your time to study things instead of being rushed from one attraction to the next as can happen in the big cities!


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