Travels in Spain – Toledo, City of Steel

Historic City of Toledo

After lunch we returned to the sunny streets and because of earlier confusion retraced our steps a couple of times on our way back to the cathedral.  Kim refused to take charge of the map for fear that her earlier good fortune might be exposed as a fluke and I took over again on the way to the Jewish quarter.

In the past Toledo had changed hands many times and it was renowned for its diversity and religious toleration and we found the synagogues with admission prices that put us off entering and then after walking through a warren of mazy streets came out on the other side overlooking the modern town to the north.

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7 responses to “Travels in Spain – Toledo, City of Steel

  1. A great blog Andrew-very informative,i have lived in Spain 22 years and been to Toledo but this is more informative(and informal)than the guide books!I am closing down my wordpress blog: 2011 a year in pictures,to concentrate on my main photography blog at wordpress,it is: please take a look, most of the images are from our region on the Costa Blanca inland and also some from Germany.Feel free to correct any historical facts that appear on my photoblog!I´d like to put a link to this blog on mine if you don´t mind.Good Luck Adrian


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