Love Locks and The Ponte Vecchio, Florence

The Ponte Vecchio that crosses the river Arno in Florence is the oldest bridge in Tuscany and by happy chance the only one in the city that, allegedly due to a direct order from Adolph Hitler himself, wasn’t blown up by the retreating Germans as they cleared out from Florence in their withdrawal from Italy during the Second-World-War.  Knowing how the Germans were fond of blowing things up that must have been a one-in-a-million fluke!

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3 responses to “Love Locks and The Ponte Vecchio, Florence

  1. Florence is one of my favourite cities. The bridge is a special icon, shame people are causing damage to it with padlocks.


  2. I LOVE Florence. It is my favorite city. How do they claim that the locks do damage? I have a hard time seeing how the locks that they have, not on the entire bridge, but only on the fence around the one sculpture would have anything to do with destroying the bridge. I LOVE the story. Good blog!


  3. I like your sense of humour, couldn’t help but noticing you’re allergic to being eternally bonded 🙂


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