Tallinn, A Snowfall and Farewell

Tallinn Christmas

As we stepped out of the front door of the hotel a single snow flake fell gently from the sky and as we looked into the clouds for more a second and then a third and then too many to count and we were delighted to see it.  It wasn’t thick snow, just little dry crystals that landed on our coats and then quickly melted away but we weren’t complaining, it was snow and that was what we were hoping to see.  And there was some soft blue sky as well that was competing with the clouds so it looked as though all we had hoped for was coming along at the same time.

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5 responses to “Tallinn, A Snowfall and Farewell

  1. it was quite an interesting and fluit description of tallinn. u are lucky man, that u got the chance to see the snowfall (unlike me).


  2. one more thing, off the topic. your homepage appears quite presentable and full of information, can u help me to increase the presentability and readability of my blog. thanks


  3. Enjoying all your Tallinn posts, but getting a bit worried about the cold and gray we might experience this upcoming January. I love this photo; maybe we’ll find plenty of cozy spots like this to combat the elements.


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