Kefalonia, Argostoli

After the day of inactivity yesterday we decided today to get out of the hotel and see some more of the island so after breakfast we set off for the capital, Argostoli, just a short distance away.  We could have caught a bus but took the easier option of a taxi instead for the short ten minute ride to town where we were dropped off at the deserted main square.

Argostoli, it has to be said, was an immediate disappointment. Old photographs show that it was once bursting with stylish Venetian mansions, leafy squares and elegant bell towers, but first the Germans dropped incendiary bombs on it during World War Two and then an earthquake in 1953 reduced what was left to a wasteland of rubble and only two houses and a bridge survived.

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3 responses to “Kefalonia, Argostoli

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  2. Hi,
    Happy to see you made it to Kefalonia. My husband & I own a cafe in Katelios(close to Skala) that we have rented out as I am going back to finish my studies in Canada. We also have a beautiful Olive Grove where we plan on spending most of our summers. A perfect place to chill & unwind 🙂


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