Kefalonia, Fiskardo and Assos

The north part of Kefalonia is the most wild and rugged and at the very northern tip is the town of Fiskardo which was the only place on the island that wasn’t flattened by the earthquake.  We set off straight after breakfast and after by-passing Argostoli drove through the village of Farsa, which was desperately unremarkable and would have been completely unrecognisable to poor old Captain Corelli.

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9 responses to “Kefalonia, Fiskardo and Assos

  1. Greece really looks like a great place, unreal beauty as you say, exactly.


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  3. I visited Kefalonia last year and it is really a beautiful island. I stayed at Assos and I admit that it offered excellent accomodation. I went to Fiskardo a lot of times. I will never forget the flowers planted in every yard there.


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  5. I spent just one day on Kefalonia, from our base on Zante, and loved what I saw. Didn’t make it to Fiskardo but I’d seen the brochures.
    Assos reminds me a little of Batsi on Andros? Know what you mean about “famous” beaches. I was disappointed in Olu Deniz, though the brochures swoon over it and from a distance it looks stunning.
    Another lovely breakfast read. Did you mean “battering” by the way- it seems quite appropriate?


  6. Thanks Jo – it is a nice island even if a lot of the post earthquake reconstruction is rather unsympathetic to the original. I have never been to Zante or Andros!


  7. Lovin’ those red shutters!


  8. Do different areas of Greece love different colours? Lots of pictures showed lots of blues and some mustard yellow. This is the first time I’ve seen red. So, is my question valid?

    Great pictures by the way and great post (I don’t wish to ignore your piece) but I’m glad the ‘crisis was averted’.


    • It is a valid question. In the Cyclades everything must be painted blue by law but on the other islands there are more varied colours. Kefalonia is in the Ionian islands to the west of the Greek mainland and has a legacy of Venetian and Italian influence.


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