Skiathos, Alónnisos and Skópelos


After redundancy and in between jobs I went to this little island in the Sporades in the summer of 2000 for a two week holiday with my brother Richard and his family and found it noisy, cramped and with just too many people around.  Skiathos is an airport island and therefore a package holiday destination, which brings in the football shirts and late night clubbers and I generally try to avoid these islands now.  It was lively and mad and these days I prefer laid back and languid.

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7 responses to “Skiathos, Alónnisos and Skópelos

  1. Hello there,
    I read you blog with great interest. It is amazing how different people perceive different places. Myself, I am a Skiathos resident but spend summers guiding trips to Skopelos and Alonissos and I have to agree Skopelos is a true gem. The island is called SkopElos, not SkopOlos, though! Sorry to point it out but there it is. Perhaps we will meet there one day…I’ll be the one with about 500 people behind me!
    Love Victoria


  2. Thanks for letting me know, I have corrected my blog. I will look out for you when I return to Skópelos and join the 500!


  3. I went to Skiathos last summer as I was writing a guide to it. It is a very popular island, which makes the busy beaches a bit too much, but if you go just a little bit inland it becomes very peaceful. There are also quieter beaches on the north coast, even in high season. I did not spend much time on Skopelos. It was very nice but from what I saw, the beaches are not as good as those on Skiathos..

    Sadly I did not manage to go to Alonnisos. I drank from a spring on Skiathos which apparently means I will return one day. Victoria, I’m sure I’ll see you if I do.


  4. You make me laugh Andrew when I read about your holidays to Skiathos… This was one of the most sociable holidays that I have ever been ….
    the truth is that Skiathos is a beautiful island but in the summer time you have to be the most 27-28 years old to make it there. Skiathos is very popular for the night life. In the opposite, Skopelos, according to my humble opinion, is much more beautiful, more quite, more romantic; (if I can say that). The sea is similar to Skiathos but the beaches are not so crowded even during July , high season. But my heart belongs to Alonissos, Alonissos for me is like a fairy tail! It is worth it to go back someday.


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