Black Forest, Over the Mountains to Triberg

Snow Driving Black Forest Germany

We had selected the Rammersweier Hoff hotel ( because  it was inexpensive and because of its location about half way between the main cities of Baden-Baden and Freiburg and on the western edge of the forest in the Rhine Valley.  Also because last year when we had to cancel at the last minute they were really good about it and didn’t charge a cancellation fee even though they were entitled to.  It also had excellent guest reviews and these were entirely correct.  It was a homely place and very traditional with Teutonic décor and a collection of Black Forest ornaments.

In the morning we had breakfast in the brightly coloured restaurant and there was a good selection of hot and cold food so we filled ourselves up on the basis that this would last us through until evening meal.

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3 responses to “Black Forest, Over the Mountains to Triberg

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  2. Nice post, i came accross your blog and i’m fascinated with your trip here in the black forest and by the way thanks for your nice comment on Rammersweier Hof, i am one of its service personnel, glad that you like our service.


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