Black Forest, Cable Car Ride to the Top of the World

Schauinslandbahn Black Forest Cable Car

Overnight the rain turned to snow and there was a little dusting on the roofs of the houses next to the hotel and on the road outside but the sky was still grey and overcast so we decided to take a drive to the city of Freiburg about fifty kilometres to the south and after breakfast we de-iced the car and set off.  We could have taken the direct route on the autobahn but we decided instead to take a scenic route through the forest.

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6 responses to “Black Forest, Cable Car Ride to the Top of the World

  1. Had hoped to see some views from the summit.


  2. I’ve only ever had a night in Freiburg, but it was one of my favourite German towns…despite stumbling into one of the gutters with the river running through them.


  3. I love reading your posts – it almost feels like being there in my chair! Would have loved to see some pics of the fairy tale town….


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