Sorrento, Danger on the Roads

Sorrento Traffic 1976

“To an American, Italian traffic is at first just down-right nonsense. It
seems hysterical, it follows no rule. You cannot figure what the driver
ahead or behind or beside you is going to do next and he usually does it!”     John Steinbeck

After the grime of Naples we needed to freshen up so we went for a quick swim and a half-an-hour around the pool before we went to the café over the road for our afternoon bowl of ice cream.

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2 responses to “Sorrento, Danger on the Roads

  1. Years ago in Rome, someone advised us that the way to survive crossing a street in Italy was to find a pregnant woman and cross using her as a shield. We did it and we survived to tour another day. And fortunately for us, lots of pregnant women in Italy or we would have spent our holiday hanging about street corners.


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