Onyx UK, The First French Invasion in a Thousand Years

Onyx UK Dennis Eagle RCV

Onyx UK no longer exists as such and has been renamed Veolia Environmental Services (sounds impressive doesn’t it?) and its website claims that it ‘currently delivers refuse collection services to around five million residents in the UK… Working with Veolia Environmental Services means Local Authorities can be assured of receiving an efficient, reliable and responsive service.’  Well, things must have changed dramatically there as well because they turned out to be just as hopeless as Cory Environmental.

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6 responses to “Onyx UK, The First French Invasion in a Thousand Years

  1. Linda Shrewsbury

    Wow……. it was this citroen I was referring too and this era, I had no idea you went through all of that, what about the battle of agencor was this not pay back!!


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