Island Hopping 2006, Beaches and Sunbathing

Ios Church Bell Greece Cyclades

The day started with a big breakfast, it was exactly the same breakfast as the day before but we just ate more.  We had a plan that if we filled ourselves up with bread rolls, meat and cheese that we could probably skip lunch and save some money.  The cats were around again and Sally was feeding them my ham so I had to reload the plate several times.

After breakfast we set off on what became a long walk along the beach, we walked south past the village and down to the sand dunes and white sandy beaches. There were some interesting sculptured rocks and we stopped to explore and to sunbathe for a while. There were rock pools with fish, small crabs and other marine life. This reminded me of seaside holidays when I was a boy when rock pools were the highlight of holiday entertainment. We walked on; past a busy little harbour with an assortment of tiny fishing boats and onto a little church built on the top of a hill, painted brilliant white and with a ragged flag performing acrobatics in the wind.

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2 responses to “Island Hopping 2006, Beaches and Sunbathing

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