Island Hopping 2006, Paros, Naoussa

Antiparos Cyclades Greece

I had a restless night full of wild and vivid dreams and I woke early.  I like to start the day with tea so I made some and went onto the balcony overlooking the hotel garden building site.  At about eight o’clock the builders started to arrive and were clearly perplexed about where they should move the rocks to today.  Without any sign of a supervisor to give sensible instructions this required thirty minutes or so of volatile chatter which became increasingly louder and excitable as the debate continued.

I was so pleased that we had a car and we had planned a trip to Naoussa on the other side of the island. I think the construction workers (and I use this description in the loosest sense) were somewhat surprised to see a room in occupation and I was convinced that this was the reason for the frequent outbursts of mocking laughter.

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3 responses to “Island Hopping 2006, Paros, Naoussa

  1. Been there done that!

    I remember I was there last year. And i did quite a bit of island hopping around the aegean (paros, andros, mykonos)…

    I recall sitting on the dock of paros, and booking through my iphone ( the first available ticket…

    Everyone should do it!


  2. I think your later posts have become, er less revealing?


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