Ten things I didn’t know about Spain

Spain consists of a number of autonomous communities established in accordance to the second article of the Spanish Constitution which recognises the rights of regions and nationalities to self-government whilst also acknowledging the ‘indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation’.  Currently, Spain comprises seventeen autonomous communities and two autonomous cities, both of which are on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa.  As a highly decentralised state Spain has possibly the most modern political and territorial arrangements in Western European.   Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia are designated historic nationalities and Andalusia, although not a nationality, also has preferential status, the remaining are regional Provinces without nationality.

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2 responses to “Ten things I didn’t know about Spain

  1. I did not know the story of the “tapas”. Thank you for the explanation. Spain has many beaches probably due to the fact it is surrounded by water on three coasts. Another fact, unless I stand corrected…Spain is one of the most mountainous countries of Europe. I wonder where it ranks.


  2. I am sure there will be alternative stories about the origin of tapas but I like this one. Spain is on average the second highest country in Europe after Switzerland but I don’t know where it stands in terms of square kilometres or even the number of physical peaks.


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