La Rochelle, Markets and Dogs

La Rochelle France

Our final day in La Rochelle began exactly the same as the day before.  A Hotel Ibis breakfast and then out into the city bathed in a soft blue sky and the early morning sun burning off the remains of the sea dew.  It was going to be another fine day.  We decided to explore the town today and set off first to do that thing that has become a bit of a ritual and go and visit the local market.   And it was a very good one indeed, just the place to get our market envy fix.

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2 responses to “La Rochelle, Markets and Dogs

  1. Hi Andrew,
    I’m appalled to hear that the French aren’t prepared to pick up after their dogs. If my neighbors in L.A. can do it, I just assumed everyone did! When we were in Toronto in the 1970’s people were already being fined for not picking up after their dogs…

    Love the photo. When I was in Spain last month two of the women in the group were born in Portugal and thought nothing of eating all those “parts”. I could watch them eating and enjoying but wasn’t able to take the next step and bite into a piece of intestine…


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