Croatia, The Siege of Dubrovnik

The taxi left from the little harbour in the village and we waited in the already hot sunshine until it arrived at ten o’clock and then selected seats on the upper deck and sat and sweltered while we waited for it to leave.  Eventually the crew cast off and followed the coast towards the city and then we saw something unexpected and nothing like we had seen before on previous visits to Croatia, a string of war damaged bombed out hotels at regular intervals all the way to Dubrovnik.  This we learned later was the legacy of an invasion by Montenegro during the secessionist wars of the 1990s.

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4 responses to “Croatia, The Siege of Dubrovnik

  1. Good post. It’s interesting how little was really presented to us in the west about the conflicts in as was Yugoslavia. And my flippant comment is that the bombed buildings look rather like run-down Spanish fincas!


  2. Dubrovniklady

    Your post regarding the 1991 Homeland war is one of the few I have read to be accurate and well written. Thank you.


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