Montenegro, Hercig Novi and return to Croatia

After the squares we climbed a stairway of worn shiny steps to get to the entrance of the fortress which stands at the top of the town overlooking the harbour below.  Inside there were walls to walk and views to admire, nothing like Dubrovnik of course, but pleasant all the same and worth the small admission fee.  It didn’t take long to complete the visit to the fortress so we walked back down and had a welcome cold drink in a bar in the main square next to the town’s old drinking fountain and the Serbian Orthodox Church in the centre.

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2 responses to “Montenegro, Hercig Novi and return to Croatia

  1. Yes, it’s funny how traffic can affect your mood and your day.
    Fact is that Croatia (Dubrovnik and Mlini) are much more popular then Montenegro (Herceg Novi specially), but there are much more cars and traffic lines in Montenegro (I don’t want to mention lines on the border). Big minus for beautiful country like Montenegro.
    Best regards from Dubrovnik!
    Andro, Manager
    Cheap Dubrovnik Tours


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