Sicily, Segesta and Castellammare del Golfo

Segesta Sicily

Segesta was the political center of the Elymians who were indigenous people from the west of Sicily who built the city in an alliance with Ionian Greeks.  It flourished for over five hundred years until gradually it was abandoned as the inhabitants moved away from the mountains and down to the coastal areas for trading purposes.

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3 responses to “Sicily, Segesta and Castellammare del Golfo

  1. My wife and I spent 9 days in Castellamare del Golfo (May 6-May14,2010)It was wonderful.A perfect base from which to sxplore Western Sicily)We stayed in town and thoroughly enjoyed the town. It was not crowded at all.Great local restaurants.We didn’t have any problems with directons sinc we had a good map.

    Sicilian drivers are for the most part goofy. Excessive speeds on poor roads,tailgating and absolutely no courtesy to other motorists.A visit to Palermo or Catania will prove my point.REMEMBER: traffic signals are generally viewed as SUGGESTIONS.

    I love sicily and can’t wait to return for 3 weeks in May,2011.


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