France 2010, The Beach at Hardelot Plage and a BBQ Accident

Camille Longvilliers France

There was much better weather the next morning so after breakfast we were in no particular rush to leave the cottage and stayed around the garden and entertained Molly before taking a slow walk along the village lanes to see the farm animals.

Camille spotted us and came outside to say bonjour and then insisted on a guided tour of his garden with its immaculate vegetable plot overflowing with plump ripe produce.  He couldn’t speak a word of English but he explained in great detail what everything was and how best to prepare, cook and eat it.  I could follow some of this by picking out the odd familiar schoolboy French word but to be honest most of it was just a rapid Gallic blur.

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3 responses to “France 2010, The Beach at Hardelot Plage and a BBQ Accident

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  2. Mrs Claudine Malaquin

    I really enjoyed reading your description of your short break in Hardelot, I’m glad you had a nice time on the beach with your little girl. I’ve been spending nearly all these last 35 years summer holidays in Hardelot and I certainly do appreciate the calm family atmosphere of the place. Now Hardelot is twinned with Otford, a typical English village near Sevenoaks. More than 100 French people have joined the twinning, so if you happen to come and visit Hardelot again you will be welcomed.
    Congratulations for your nice photos too.
    A French Hardelot summer resident.


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