Greece 2010, Symi to Lindos

The ferry docked in Rhodes just before half past nine and already the harbour was busy, noisy and as hot as a pizza oven.  We had to walk about five hundred sweaty metres to the bus stop where we purchased tickets for the Lindos bus which was due in about ten minutes time.

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3 responses to “Greece 2010, Symi to Lindos

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  2. Nice photos, havent read it all yet but looks a pretty good place.

    Sorrento was awesome by the way (*response to your comment) got plenty done in the week were there. The mrs is already looking for next year, Egypt apparently. 🙂



  3. A great description of your visit to Lindos. Next time I hope you will visit us at Hotel Fiona, we call it a room with a view since it has some of the best views on Symi Island overlooking the harbour of Yialos. Come back soon!


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