Marrakech, The Souks and Djemma El Fna

We walked past vivid carpet shops, elaborate lampshade shops, slipper shops, silver and pottery shops, shops selling leather, silks, ceramics, spices and pastries and our senses were under constant assault from the colourful sights, the rich aromas and the constant chatter and noise of the traders.  Occasionally a donkey and cart would send people scattering as new supplies were delivered and the shop owners were probably glad of this because the only place to go to get out of the way was inside the shop doorways where someone was waiting to pounce with an offer and a ‘special price‘.

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2 responses to “Marrakech, The Souks and Djemma El Fna

  1. Those souks are something that has to be experienced. We walked some considerable distance through them and I was amazed (and yet not at all surprised) to have to move aside for motorbikes, donkey drawn carts and even a Suzuki van which barely cleared the sides of the shops.

    As a very affable Lancashire lad I found it very hard to be rude and effectively not talk to anyone as they tried to cajole us into their shops.

    The wife had a field day with haggling and has a brown hand stitched leather bag which to this day retains the smell of the souk!

    Will have a glance through your blog when I get some spare time and have a look at how many places we’ve both visited.

    Glad you liked the Marrakech scaffolding.


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