Marrakech, Photography, Herbalists and Alcohol.

On the way Kim kept snapping away taking pictures of local people as they went about their business.  She had to be quick however and mostly secretive about what she was doing because a lot of people weren’t that happy about having their photographs taken.  This is something to do with being suspicious about having an image made of themselves and on most occasions when someone saw a camera pointed their way they would either turn away or wag a reproachful finger to say no.

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8 responses to “Marrakech, Photography, Herbalists and Alcohol.

  1. Hi,
    Upset tummy’s is the worse when on holidays, so very uncomfortable.
    Sounds like it was a bit of an expensive place especially for drinks.


  2. Ah yes, Morocco and that elusive alcohol. One of the reasons we liked Rabat was its cosmopolitan atmosphere and abundance of alcohol. I really must go again, it’s not as though it is a long way from me 😀


  3. I have only once had an tummy upset while travelling. Thank goodness it was on my way home. Nothing ruins a holiday or any kind of travelling with a bad gut.


  4. Great photo of hands gesticulating, blocking, gloved and ungloved! My daughter traveled there with friends a few years ago. Except for the foreignness of the place, she did not care for the extreme double standard, she said. But it was slightly better than Casablanca. Over there, you were not allowed out of your hotel room if you wore no sleeves.


  5. It’s a tricky thing, isn’t it, photographing people in the street. If you’re brave enough to ask permission, you get a stiff posed shot. If you don’t ask, you feel you’re intruding on their privacy.


  6. The only way to photograph people on the street is to be quick about it, not get eye contact and if they wag their fingers at you look innocent and pretend you were taking a photo of something else entirely.

    I’d love to go to Morocco one day so I’m glad to be warned not to sample the oil at a co-operative. Not sure how oil or bread can give one the runs though…


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