Travels in Spain, The Aqueduct of Segovia

When we had retired to bed the previous night there had been a clear sky so it was disappointing to wake up to the sound of falling rain and on opening the shutters a full examination of the weather revealed overcast skies and a rather soggy, looking sorry for itself, Ávila.  But it was still early so we closed the shutters and slept on for an hour and hoped that it would improve.  Sadly this was not to be and when we went down for breakfast it looked certain that this was going to be an umbrella sort of day.

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5 responses to “Travels in Spain, The Aqueduct of Segovia

  1. Andrew, thanks for your comment on my post about Pontedeume. I like the fact that you visit places in Spain which are not touristy but full of history. One can spend months roaming around the interior of Spain.


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  3. Helen Gunnarsson

    As long as you are in the neighborhood, I hope you will visit La Granja de San Ildefonso: . For Spanish cookbooks that have never failed me, see Penelope Casas’ “The Foods and Wines of Spain” and “Tapas.”


  4. I love Roman ruins and classical history. Whenever I travel to Mediterranean Europe, I always seek out any local Roman ruins.


  5. Hey Andrew,

    Marvellous blog, oustandingly insightful. Spain is indeed a place of legends and mysteries.
    I love that last photo!

    Good travels,



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