Norway, Vinmolopolet and Marilyn Monroe

Mermaid Haugesund Norway

To be honest the shops in Haugesund weren’t especially thrilling but we did stop at a co-op supermarket to see what sort of things Norwegians eat and how much they pay for them.  We had some difficulty in understanding the prices and everything seemed horribly expensive but then we realised that a box of cornflakes couldn’t possibly be £25 so finally understood that prices were in øre which is a hundredth of a krone and effectively therefore the equivalent of a penny or a cent.

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2 responses to “Norway, Vinmolopolet and Marilyn Monroe

  1. The Vinmonopol is actually quite a good place, with a great selection and staff who seems to know what they are talking about. However, with those prices I hardly ever set a foot in there… we fill up in taxfree when travelling 🙂

    (Great articles about Norway – also loved the “flagcounter” so have added one to my blog aswell – great to be able to see where in the world readers are 🙂


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