Norway, Bjørge Lillelien, Football and Winter Weather

Haugesund Norway

The rain showed no sign of easing off so we settled in to an afternoon of sport on the satellite television which was promising a full afternoon of English Premier League football.  I sampled the first can of Frydenlund and was pleased to discover that it was very nice indeed and then sat down for the match.

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2 responses to “Norway, Bjørge Lillelien, Football and Winter Weather

  1. Oddly when I was in Norway recently we discussed the same piece of commentary. The commentator became very famous in Norway because of it. He died recently I was told.

    As for their own football, they are passionate about it, but they do not play during the winter months. Everyone seems to support an English team as well.

    The West coast of Norway, is sadly very wet.

    Anyway you seem to be making the best of it all.


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