Ljubljana, The Ljubljanica River and Borovničevec

Ljubljana, The Ljubljanica Rive

On the return from Lake Bled we walked back through the streets of the city that in the daylight we could see were regrettably extensively disfigured by graffiti.  This is a real problem in Ljubljana where every building provides a canvas and an opportunity for the so-called artists.  Every year there is a city spring clean organised by the Ljubljana City Authorities as part of the annual activity “Za lepso Ljubljano” (For a Prettier Ljubljana).  The operation cleans up three hundred and eighty square metres of river walls and also tidies city streets, passageways and parks as well as cleaning two kilometres of riverbed by divers.

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2 responses to “Ljubljana, The Ljubljanica River and Borovničevec

  1. Interestingly narrated.
    Good,you enjoyed the agreeable bilberry brandy.It was sort of compensation for the beetroot juice,I suppose.
    Have a nice day


    • To be truthful I think the Bilberry Brandy is something that needs to be enjoyed in its own environment. I bought a bottle home and it is still not finished so I think that suggests that it doesn’t travel well. It’s a bit like ouzo, you really need to be in Greece to appreciate it!


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