Germany, The Fasnacht Festival

Hausach Fasnacht Black Forest Germany

The fasnacht carnival was in the town of Hausach and it took about forty minutes to drive there passing through Waldkirch again where there were preparations in place for a carnival there later that evening which caused a bit of congestion but nothing too serious and we arrived on schedule in Hausach and finding the place curiously quiet we parked the car in a town centre car park.

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6 responses to “Germany, The Fasnacht Festival

  1. Our Adventure in Croatia

    looks like a lot of fun!


  2. Geez, looks like Halloween here. How we all find excuses to hang on to old ‘beliefs’. Still all this makes life interesting. Thanks for sharing, Andrew.


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  4. Now you got me going Andrew 😀 Croatia also has the tradition of “Fasnik” (from German fasnacht) -especially the continental part. The town of Samobor near Zagreb is especially renowned for fasnik festivities – much like those you describe here. But what I like about that time of year are the doughnuts…yummy – they’re like jam-doughnuts much much yummier – the capital Zagreb has them in almost every home at fasnik night.


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