Germany, Schiltach, a Perfect Black Forest Village

Schiltach Black Forest Germany

Triberg didn’t excite us today in the way it had twelve months previously and so we didn’t stay for all of the hour and a half that the parking ticket allowed and we left the town and headed for nearby Shiltach.

Leaving the town we turned off the main road at Sankt Georgan and began to climb towards the town of Schramberg and then I had another disagreement with the lady navigator in the satnav.  For some inexplicable reason she directed us off the obvious way and took along an alternative route along some very minor roads.  There was no explanation for this so I strenuously questioned her competence, shouted at her and then turned her off and plotted my own route back to Schramberg and then to Shiltach where we arrived soon after.

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12 responses to “Germany, Schiltach, a Perfect Black Forest Village

  1. We spent a day in Schiltach in October. We arrived to find a farmers market/street fair in progress with a very strange comedy/drama taking place in front of the town hall. Loved every minute of our stay. I would much rather visit small cities than the larger, more popular sites. Just a personal preference…


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  4. It’s a very small world indeed!


  5. A fun coincidence! I must say those masks in the photo are fairly scary looking.


  6. Handed down from generation to generation? Glad to hear they’re not carving m.o.r.e. Ha ha. they certainly aren’t attractive.


  7. Sounds like you all had a good time.


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