Germany, Across the Rhine to Strasbourg

Strasbourg Cathedral Alsace France

“Rising above the high-pitched roofs with multi-storied dormer windows, several churches stand out on the skyline. The cathedral, whose single spire dominates the Alsatian plain, and the four old churches …  fit coherently into an old quarter that exemplifies medieval cities.”                                                          UNESCO

We parked the car in an underground car park close to a part called Petite France which is a popular corner of the city where the full flowing river splits up into a number of canals, and cascades through bridges in a small area of attractive half-timbered houses and cobbled streets and we walked through crooked lanes and alleys that followed the southern loop of the river that surrounds the old city.

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5 responses to “Germany, Across the Rhine to Strasbourg

  1. I do love Strasbourg, a very refined city, and a surprising gem on the way between France and Germany. The Cathedral is a stunning piece of architecture!

    I do have to say that the food was not bad when I was in the city. I am generally not a fan of French food, but the choices I made were surprisingly good in Strasbourg!


  2. Again a lovely post on “Fortress on the street” (Strasbourg),with lively,detailed descriptions of the Grand Island historic city centre and the refreshing atmosphere of Petite France that the reader immensely enjoys.
    Moreover,the way you embody the humouristic experiences with the rest of your writing,is amazing.
    Well,I am still laughing while writing this comment and I am thinking of an English lady (a close-friend of mine)who calls them “bombs”,bombs they drop everywhere….and I can imagine if they are from Alsatian wolf or Alsatian shepherd creatures….
    Sorry,I couldn’t help commenting on that part.
    Thanks for having spiced up my evening.

    PS :Please,allow me to insert a short exctract from “NEW SCIENTIST,BRITAIN”,which I recalled thanks to your “poor animal” reference:
    “Cowes,sheep and goats may seem like innocent victims of humanity’s appetite for meat,but worldwide,livestock burps are responsible for 18 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions (mainly methane)-more than produced from all forms of transport combined.”


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