Germany, Autobahn to Heidelberg

Heidelberg Germany

Despite the gloomy weather prediction of the restaurant manager the previous evening we opened the metal shutters on our last day to see some promising patches of blue sky and whilst we had our final breakfast the sun began to shine and it looked as though we might finally get some better weather.

As we packed our bags before checking out and leaving we had to decide on an itinerary that would pick up as many towns and villages as possible for the blue sky pictures that we wanted and we eventually agreed on Gengenbach and Freiburg and once we had paid up and said goodbye we headed out of Offenburg on the familiar route south.

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2 responses to “Germany, Autobahn to Heidelberg

  1. I would guess you used the same car park that I do. I’ve been in Heidelberg 3 years and, if I’m not paying attention, I will have to do this little circle until I go to the road after the arrow. However, there are so many roads in this tiny section, it’s hard to know which one to take. Looking forward to your next adventure.


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