Venice, Vaporetto Ride to Burano

Burano Venice Italy

“What a funny old city this Queen of the Adriatic is! Narrow streets, vast, gloomy marble palaces, black with the corroding damps of centuries, and all partly submerged; no dry land visible anywhere, and no sidewalks worth mentioning…” – Mark Twain – ‘The Innocents Abroad’

Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon and on all of my three visits to Venice I have visited its smaller neighbour which is famous for brightly coloured houses and intricate lacework.

Burano is situated seven kilometers from Venice, a short forty minute trip by Venetian public transport motorboats called Vaporetto.  We waited at a stop on the Grand Canal and when one arrived waited for the boatman to secure it and then invite us to go on board and climbed to the upper deck where there was a good view of the city and the other islands.

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2 responses to “Venice, Vaporetto Ride to Burano

  1. Pleasant and colourful narration just the ticket… to match the dreamy,beautiful places all over.
    I am dead sure you didn’t miss Murano.Italy’s attractions,from North to South, are out of this world and one feels the need to visit again and again.Also,Pompeii’s remnants are compelling…
    Thanks for sharing,I totally enjoyed your post.


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