Istria 2011, Fažana

Fazana Croatia

Pula is the largest city in Istria so I suppose it was inevitable that we would get lost leaving the place.  In theory it should have been easy to pick up the coast road and drive the short distance to Fažana but after fifteen minutes or so it was obvious that we were going in the wrong direction, away from the coast and driving into the hills of the peninsula.

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6 responses to “Istria 2011, Fažana

  1. Fazana is a great holiday spot!


  2. All your Istria holiday posts are of great interest but I couldn’t help not commenting on Fazana post as I was overwhelmed by Kim’s sunset capture with the outstanding fiery tones and the reflective effect.Indeed a magic camera !
    My siblings were in Dubrovnik last week to attend a Medical conference on Oncology and Toxicology and were fascinated by the Croatian natural attractions and historic buildings.
    Your travel-posts compose a second Global Hopping Bible….


    • That camera really annoys me because try as hard as I might I cannot get mine to capture the sunsets in this way.
      Dubrovnik is a truely stunning city especially considered in the context of its recent violent history.
      Can your siblings help northern Europe with the current cucumber crisis I wonder?


      • At the moment avoid consuming bean sprouts,cumin seeds and poppy seeds…and what else that only God knows.
        The Escherichia coli bacterium’s deadly outbreak widens another European rift and along with the eurozone sovereign debt crisis stand firm.
        My siblings,apart from their research and studies, simply follow and attend the developments of all the viruses and bacteria and MAN-MADE micro but powerful organisms that inject deleterious into our lives….
        Hope,E.coli is absent in the Greek islands when you visit.


  3. Thanks for the advice, for one terrible moment I thought Mythos was going to be on your list of things to avoid!


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