Istria 2011, A Boat Ride With Dolphins

Funghi Dingle Bay Dolphin

The next morning the church bells woke me again at six o’clock and after a good night’s sleep I found it impossible to snooze away another hour or so, so knowing that Micky is an early riser and would probably be wandering about the village I decided to dress and go and see if I could find him.  There was no sign of him in the streets or the coffee bars and it turned out that just like me the day before he was on early morning shopping mission to buy a new travel kettle to replace the one that Sue and Christine had somehow managed to blow up!

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13 responses to “Istria 2011, A Boat Ride With Dolphins

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  3. Hi,
    Sounds like a good but tiring day, fancy the owner of the boat wanting to go back on his deal, especially making everyone wait and leaving later than he should of.
    Dolphins are beautiful to watch out in the open water, we see them regularly here in Oz, they are magnificent.


  4. It sounds like you had a lovely day! Istria is sooo beautiful and just the whole Croatian coast! 🙂 Brijuni is the correct spelling for Tito’s island. 🙂


  5. What a lovely day. You were darn lucky to see dolphins, and brave to drink the “dubious” wine.


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