Spain 2011, Pedro Bernardo in the Gredos Mountains

Pedro Bernardo Spain

As we headed north we began to slowly climb as we entered an area of green scrubland littered with huge granite boulders where the verges of the road were a riot of red poppies and contrasting yellow daisies.  Ahead of us we could see the mountains and the tops were covered in a few stubborn streaks of snow in the protection of the shadows where the May sun couldn’t quite reach.  We were still in bright sunshine but ahead of us the sky was a dramatic dark grey, brooding, threatening and angry.

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3 responses to “Spain 2011, Pedro Bernardo in the Gredos Mountains

  1. Enjoyable,educative also.
    Interesting references to the Battle of Talavera,Sir Arthur Wellesley and the ‘Sharpe’ historical fiction.


  2. Seems like you’ve been just about everywhere!


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