Afternoon Tea With Her Majesty The Queen

Palace Invite 3

One day in May I returned home from work to find a very posh envelope amongst the bills and circulars that had been delivered that morning.  It was very classy indeed, ivory white with a smooth velour texture and certainly of a much higher quality than I am generally used to receiving.  On the front were the words the ‘Office of the Lord Chamberlain’ and the printed franking machine mark in the top right hand corner said ‘Buckingham Palace, London’.  Now, I don’t receive mail from Buckingham Palace everyday so I was naturally intrigued.

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2 responses to “Afternoon Tea With Her Majesty The Queen

  1. A post full of Britishness … my friend.
    After the unexpected sad events in England (thank God didn’t last for long)we are enjoying our stay in UK as always.
    I was thinking that your journey to the Greek islands is approaching.Hope you and yours have an enjoyable time and above all TROUBLE-FREE and that everything goes according to your plans.


    • Hi and good to hear from you! Greece in September and looking forward to it as ever. We fly to Athens and will just wait and see what happens, I am sure everything will be fine. I have bought the 2011 edition of the island hopping guide and we look forward to making our way to the Cyclades. Glad you are having a good time in UK.


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