Italy 2011, All Roads Lead To Rome

Italy was in the grip of a burning heat wave and after landing at Ciampino and on opening the aircraft doors there was a blast of heat from the smouldering tarmac baking in temperatures that, coming from Northern Europe, we were unfamiliar with, which was rather like opening a pizza oven door.  Ciampino was once the principal airport for Rome but it has now been superseded by a modern facility north of the city so it quite small for a capital city airport and we were processed through immigration control and customs nice and quickly.

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One response to “Italy 2011, All Roads Lead To Rome

  1. Good morning Andrew,
    Ah, Italia!
    I almost love it as much as Spain and Australia.
    But even more, I adore your passion for one thing!
    Tell me, Andrew: is this blog sponsored by the Portman Group?
    Does that question surprise you?
    I think not.
    I ask because your blog is a positive HYMN OF PRAISE to the glories of alcohol.
    [“And why shouldn’t it be, Dai?”
    – Indeed, why not!? Just because I am a wacky-baccy man: I should not let my prejudices run full throttle!]
    But, joking aside, another nice piece.
    Just one thing though: having sold their Nastro Azzurro* around pubs, I need to point out your incorrect spelling of Peroni.
    And on the subject of typos: you have missed out the H from “rather” in the 4th line of your second para.
    * It never struck me BTW remotely as the “blue ribbon” beer that its name proudly proclaims. I find most bottom-fermented beers anonymous: but then I was privileged to sell Jever Pilsener, and that is a lager beer that is sooo different!
    Will sign off now.
    Hope you are ready to play my carer Rosalie at squash!
    I should add that when she was a young woman, she made the England under 23 hockey squad.
    [“Yes” says Andrew, “I think I will go back to bed!”
    It’s a great life, eh?
    Surprises are around every corner.]


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