Italy 2011, Not One Of The World’s Great Train Journeys

What a shock that was as a Trenitalia train, at least forty years old and liberally covered in graffiti, creaked into the station and pulled up at the platform.  The hiss of the doors opening could well have been mistaken for a sigh of relief at the end of a heavy chore.  Inside the carriage it was clean but uncomfortable with utilitarian plastic seats that made your bum sweat and a worn out air conditioning system that rattled and groaned with old age.

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3 responses to “Italy 2011, Not One Of The World’s Great Train Journeys

  1. oh my. you do seem to be doing things the rough way. One thing about slow trains is that you do at least get a chance to see the countryside.

    do tell this a journey you planned by yourself or was it a travel agent one?


  2. The reality of travel: Glamour, grit, and everything in between. Those experiences stick best, as long as one can stay safe. Il treno: difficile, certo. Bad breakfast? Non e sostinable (sp?)! Good luck and keep going…


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