Italy 2011, Rome, Piazzas and Pizzas

Our plan was to spend two days in Rome and today we would visit the northern classical part of the city and the areas that are predominantly Renaissance and Baroque in architectural character and we would leave Ancient Rome of the Emperors and the Gladiators until the following day.

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6 responses to “Italy 2011, Rome, Piazzas and Pizzas

  1. I suppose Rome is the same as any large tourist city, charge highest prices for smallest quantities. For soemthing cheaper you need the suburbs..

    As long as you enjoyed your visit, and it sounds as though you did, that is the main thing.


  2. Forgot to add..Hope that you all had your sun screen on today


  3. Nice work, Andrew.
    What I always tell people about to visit the Trevi Fountain for the first time, is pretty much what I say to people visiting Times Square for the first time.
    Go after dark. That is so important.
    Not that both do not have their delights in daylight, but for the sheer OOMPH element, go when the atmosphere is best.
    And it strikes me as a given that when powerful floodlighting takes over, both places are made to seem the Centre of the Known World !!!
    Start walking along Broadway from Times Square, and let all that ASTONISHING neon drip into your retina !!! It makes you realise that Piccadilly Circus is lit by lights not fit to inspect a glow worm’s armpits !!!

    And another word on the Trevi Fountain: who can ever forget that scene in La Dolce Vita with Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg up to their thighs in the water there?

    And was it not ever so touching that when the great man died aged 72, a few years back, the cortege stopped at the Trevi Fountain – in tribute to both him and this truly magnificent attraction – en route to his final resting place?


  4. Perhaps the link I should have provided was this one:


    Dai Woosnam


  5. Andrew,
    A great gizmo, but the link as a YouTube CLIP only shows on my Google Chrome.
    Alas IE – the browser most folk use – says “Navigation to the webpage was cancelled” and does not even show the original hyperlink.


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