Italy 2011, Rome, Emperors and Gladiators

Colosseum Rome

Inside the Colosseum it is huge but there isn’t really a lot to see – no statues, no paintings, no exhibits, just an elliptical arena surrounded by ancient brick and concrete, so once a full circuit has been completed, although it feels as though you should stay longer, there is not a lot to hang around for.

This doesn’t mean that the visit experience is in any way disappointing or less wonderful just that it seems to me that there are two types of sightseeing, the first is where we go to admire the statues, the paintings and the exhibits and the second where the experience is simply about being there, in a place that has played such a pivotal role in world history and the development of civilisation and for me the Colosseum is one of the latter.

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3 responses to “Italy 2011, Rome, Emperors and Gladiators

  1. Oh my you do seem to find expensive things, first the coffee, then the water and now food from a stall.
    You obviously enjoy your holiday so the extra bits and pieces are just part of life.

    Great story, maybe you should write a travel book


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