Italy 2011, Frascati and Marino

Marino Italy

Frascati, another of the Castelli Romani, is a busy dormitory town for nearby Rome and being the location of several international scientific laboratories is closely associated with science and technology.  In 1943 it was heavily bombed and approximately half of its buildings, including many monuments, villas and houses, were destroyed.  Many people died in an air raid on 22nd January 1944, the day of the battle of Anzio. Towards the end of the war the city was finally liberated from the Nazi German occupation on 4th June 1944 by the advancing American infantry.

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4 responses to “Italy 2011, Frascati and Marino

  1. Italy is my favourite country in the world! Love your photos!


  2. I love my ‘little’ world of Italy, and I miss it!


  3. Love the cheap bus fare compared with the ouch! taxi price.


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